DSD Betaprocess is part of Dutch Sustainable Development BV. DSD is an internationally operating consultancy agency specialized in managing projects concerning sustainable agriculture, the food processing industry and the bio-fuels market. DSD Betaprocess BV is responsible for the marketing and sales of the Betaprocess technology. The Betaprocess technology is developed by Dreier Oenotech, Mr Steiner and Syngenta.

Over the last years, DSD has managed and successfully implemented a large number of extensive projects. Recently DSD has successfully executed various projects emerging from the restructuring of the EU sugar industry. In these cases existing production facilities were closed down, for which new business models and activities were developed and new investors were found.

DSD and its affiliated companies can assign an experienced team of highly qualified specialists which cover all relevant aspects, like for example project management, finance and control, agriculture, information engineering, renewable energy, process technology and legal and contractual matters.


The development and marketing of the Betaprocess technology are the result of an intense partnership between a number of leading European entrepreneurs. The main partners in this group beside DSD BV are:
•    Syngenta AG
•    Dreier Oenotech SA
•    Mr. M. Steiner, inventor

In addition, bio-ethanol plants using Betaprocess technology, are developed, build and marketed in close cooperation with various specialized suppliers, including:
•    MDT Mussi
•    Putsch GmbH