Role Betaprocess

The ideal instrument towards a bio-based economy

Betaprocess offers sustainable innovators great opportunities towards realization of a bio-based economy. It is expected to become the ideal instrument for profitable extraction of environmental friendly raw materials, in which, according to the cascading principle, materials with the highest value are being extracted and used first.

Because Betaprocess disintegrates the cell structure of the biomass material in just a fraction of a second only, direct access is obtained to these most valuable substances. By doing this, Betaprocess offers unprecedented opportunities in many areas.

Due to Betaprocess it is even possible to do this as close to the source as possible. This offers interesting opportunities for the agricultural sector, because in that case they will be able to play a much more important role in the production of highly qualified components and chemicals. This new approach also offers the opportunity of realization of high savings on transport and storage costs.