Strongly reduced fermentation time

Betaprocess degrades the biomass’ macro structures in a split second only. This makes that the cell ingredients immediately come available for quick hydrolysis. As a result, the duration of the total fermentation processes is reduced by approximately 10-15 days.

This also causes a considerable reduction of the duration of the total fermentation process. Instead of the usual 70 days, this now takes approximately 50-55 days.

The reduced fermentation time also makes it possible to feed the installation at a faster pace, resulting in a higher throughput. In case of new facilities, this usually implies that a smaller capacity as planned will be sufficient to meet the same energy output, thus, resulting in a considerably lower investment level. Actually, Betaprocess pays for itself in this case.

10-15% higher bio-gas yields
Bio-gas with an average 5% higher methane content
more stable production process
considerably less digestate